"We had been there but a few minutes, before the natives, I cannot say how many, rushed down the chasm out of the wood upon us. The endeavors we used to bring them to a parley, were to no purpose; for they came with the ferocity of wild boars, and threw their darts. Two or three musquets, discharged in the air, did not hinder one of them from advancing still further, and throwing another dart, or rather a spear, which passed close over my shoulder. His courage would have cost him his life, had not my musquet missed fire; for I was not five paces from him, when he threw his spear, and had resolved to shoot him to save myself. I was glad afterwards that it happened as it did. The conduct and aspect of these islanders occasioned my naming it Savage Island. It is situated in latitude 19° 1' South, longitude 169° 37' West. It is about eleven leagues in circuit; of a round form and good height; and hath deep waters close to its shores." Captain James Cook.

'Sailors' still visit Niue but now experience a different arrival.

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